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   Mr Roy Roberts

Georgia Senator
David Perdue
On October 3rd Our U.S. Senator spoke to an over flow crowd of Trump Supporters and delivered an out standing report.

David Perdue's plan to reduce the national debt


After less than two years in Congress, Sen. David Perdue, R-Ga., thinks he's figured out what's needed to fix the cumbersome way lawmakers fund the federal government: teeth. More specifically, the freshman senator from Georgia wants members of both the Senate and the House and their staff to suffer "severe consequences" if Congress fails to pass a budget. He proposes mandatory pay cuts and canceled recesses as a way to keep the lawmakers on track. A successful businessman, Perdue admitted that a smaller paycheck probably wouldn't hurt him or many of his wealthy Senate colleagues. But he told reporters Thursday that lawmakers "don't want to see their staff blown up."

That's a harsh but necessary consequence for Congress as the nation faces a looming debt crisis, Perdue said as he released the broad strokes of his plan to overhaul the budget process.  "Right now, we have a budget crisis," he said.
"Fixing the budget process will not solve the debt crisis, but we will not solve the debt crisis unless and until we address the dysfunction in our budget process."

Last week, Senator Thom Tillis of North Carolina referred to Freshman Georgia Senator David Perdue as a "Two year old politician." The context of that reference was a series of speeches on the Senate floor about the budget process.

Senator Perdue has spent months quietly working with his senate colleagues to address the budget process. Then, on September 28, he scheduled the time for the Freshman Senators to join him.

In the fashion of a learned professor, he lectured the seasoned Senators about the budget. He used plain, common sense language.

Senator Perdue, then introduced speaker after speaker to address the issue. Most speakers were in their first term. All had run on the platform of rebuilding the economy and getting the deficit under control. Like many before them, they discovered that the culture and philosophy in DC had no resemblance to the culture and philosophy of the voters who sent them to DC.

Senator Perdue was clearly the leader of this group. He introduced each speaker. Each speaker thanked him for leading the way to get a serious conversation going. The entire colloquy lasted an hour



   Ga. Sen. Bill Cowsert (R-46)
   404 651 7738
   Ga. Sen. Burt Jones (R-25) 
   Ga. Senator Burt Jones (R-25th)
   404 656 0082

    Ga. Rept. Bruce Williamson(R-111)
    404 656.7859

    Ga. Rept. Tom Kirby (R-107)
    404 656 0177

    U.S.Senator Johnny Isakson 
    Washington 202  224-3643 
    Atlanta (770) 661-0999

    U.S. Senator David Perdue
    Atlanta, 770-763-9090

    U.S. Congressman Dr. Jody Hice
   10th District Congressman
   Walton County,

These are YOUR representatives
call them and let them know your concerns.


With a record like this, Who in their right mind would want her as our President?

       Walton County  

If Elected , Don't be surprised if she does just that!

Just a few examples of Hillary Lie's
When asked , Have you ever lied?

When Asked about her Tax Plan,

This one has got to be the best EVER!
No she wasn't talking about Bill,
She was responding to a question about one of her staff!
BUT, It sure does fit old Billy Bob Clinto

Is this the type of person we want representing America?

After 8 Years of Obama, do you want 4 more years of the same?

YES! it's as plain as the noise on your face!
The Main Stream Media is standing behind HILLARY!
Will you stay home and not stop her from being the third term of OBAMA!
Call your neighbors and friends and help get out the vote for TRUMP!

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