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Voters are already turning out in record-breaking numbers, and we are just twenty days from Election Day.

Go vote TODAY. Take your friends with you. Call a neighbor to remind them to go cast their vote.

There are reports of hour long wait times to vote in some counties. If there is a line - wait in it. An hour of your time today is worth the next four years of conservative leadership in Georgia. 

We continue to receive reports that national Democrats are flooding Georgia with contributions, volunteers, and even mail. Just this week, Stacey Abrams' allies in San Francisco sent postcards to Georgia voters encouraging them to vote for Abrams. 

National Democrats can send as many mailers as they want - but they can't vote in this election.

YOU CAN. We need your vote today.

After you cast your ballot, please consider investing your hard earned dollars to elect Brian Kemp, Geoff Duncan, and the rest of our Republican ballot. We are close to meeting our fundraising goal for this week, and your help will make the difference.

This has already been an expensive and intense election, but the race is not yet won. Chip in today.
Chip in $20 TODAY
Chip in $100 TODAY
Chip in $200 TODAY
Georgia simply cannot afford Stacey Abrams' and the Democrats' extreme, economy-busting policies.

Every single vote and every single dollar matters. 

John Watson





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