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                                                                                  Chairman Corner                                        

                                                                  Campaign Season 2018 Off to a great start

   Last evening at our October meeting we had the pleasure of hearing for our U.S. Congressman Dr. Jody Hice who is doing an outstanding  job of representing our county and the entire Georgia 10th congressional district.

Congressman Hice gave us an current update on what he's seeing in D.C. and in congress. For the most part he's seeing TOTAL GRID LOCK from the Senate side of the capitol.

Jody went on to explain that the House had in fact passed over 300 pieces of meaningful legislation to move President Trumps agenda forward, unfortunately the Senates leadership Senator Mitch McConnell has (REFUSED) ,been less than willing to stand tall for the conservative principals that the house has produced.

With out the Senate allowing even a single bill to be discussed or debated on the floor of the Senate.. NOTHING and he meant NOTHING will pass.

From repeal and replace Obama Care, Border Security & Immigration and now onto Tax Reform, The Senate and the Democrats are blocking every effort to do as our president has said so many times,

Know that we here in the Ga. 10th and here in Walton County are do our very best to keep you informed and updated as we can.
By being and join our party and to support those TRUE CONSERVATIVES candidates running for office and then getting active, we can and must do all we can to stop this madness....
In Closing, we're back on schedule and we will have our meeting each month on the second Monday at our new start time of
 7:00 PM. So mark your calendar and make sure you stay updated by visiting our home page at WWW. WALTONCOUNTYGOP.COM
and become a member, our membership application is located on our home page.

So Until our next meeting...

 Your Chairman
   Roy Roberts

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