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      We hold these truths to be self evident, that ALL men are created equal and they are
       endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights that among those are
                                           LIFE, LIBERTY and the pursuit of Happiness
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Due to recent elections both here as well in Washington we are posponing our January meeting.  Hope you all had a great holiday season and this year will be as good politically as last year.




Speaker election in Washington
Newly-sworn in Congressmen Jody Hice (R-GA-10) and Barry Loudermilk (R-GA-11) both said during their campaigns that they would either "support new leadership" in the Chamber (Hice) or "will not support Boehner as Speaker" (Dan McLagan for Barry Loudermilk. Both these freshmen voted against Boehner in a November GOP Caucus voice vote to nominate the Speaker. Each released a statement on his reasons for voting to reelect Boehner yesterday.

 Congressman Hice wrote:

 "[W]hen the Republican Conference met in November to elect our Leadership for the 114th Congress, I voted against nominating John Boehner to be the Republican nominee for Speaker. I was one of three out of 247 members of the Republican Conference to do so. I felt extremely disappointed that many of my conservative colleagues did not join with me in what was our only opportunity to nominate a conservative to represent us on the Floor in January - who could then marshal 218 votes against Nancy Pelosi."

  "Instead, a challenge did not occur until 2 days before the election of the next Speaker of the House when gaining 218 votes was not possible. I truly regret that a proper campaign was not waged, with the issues fully debated, that would have allowed a conservative to prevail in November, yet I huddled with fellow conservatives up until 10 minutes before the House was called to order."

 "Without a pathway to victory, I used what leverage I had to convey my principles directly to the Speaker while receiving his assurance that he would use the strength of our Majority to advance our conservative solutions. I also received assurances from other conservative Members I was engaging with that if the Speaker does not fight with us, that they would join me in replacing him this Congress."








   Ga. Sen. Bill Cowsert (R-46)
   404 651 7738
   Ga. Sen. Burt Jones (R-25) 
   404 656 0082
    Ga. Rept. Bruce Williamson(R-111)
    404 656.7859

    Ga. Rept. Tom Kirby (R-107)
    404 656 0177

    U.S.Senator Johnny Isakson 
    Washington 202  224-3643 
    Atlanta (770) 661-0999

    U.S. Senator David Perdue
    Atlanta, 770-763-9090

    U.S. Congressman Dr. Jody Hice
   10th District Congressman

These are our collective voices that represent our wishes in Washington D.C.  and our State, make sure  they know how you feel, E-mail or call them today, they need to hear from you
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  Leading from behind? SO! how's that working for you MR. President?

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      Monroe Community Center
              645 Church Street,
                    Monroe Ga.
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