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Georgia Senator
David Perdue

Roll Call writes that Senator David Perdue (R-GA) is quickly becoming a major factor in foreign relations

David Perdue knew he wanted a seat on the Foreign Relations Committee before he became a senator, and joining the panel has positioned him well for having a voice in the debate over last week's agreement with Iran about its nuclear program.

"Our job right now is to do what we set out to do in the first beginning, and that is to get a bipartisan consensus about what's best for the American security, American people and really deal with this in that perspective. This is not about the president. It's not about partisan politics," Perdue said. "You know, we had a unanimous vote in the Foreign Relations Committee."

As the only former Fortune 500 CEO serving in the Senate, Perdue has experience working overseas and prefers to study the issues and work behind the scenes.

"As a member of that committee, I've lived outside the United States, I've worked outside the United States. I brought a perspective, and we fought hard - both sides. Sen. Cardin did a great job. Sen. Corker did a great job of bringing us together and getting a consensus vote," Perdue said.

"After capitulating to Iran's demands, President Obama and Secretary [of State John] Kerry sidelined the American people by advancing the Iran deal today in a United Nations Security Council vote without Congressional review," Perdue said in a statement after the UN vote. "The Obama Administration claims this deal makes Americans safer and stops a nuclear Iran, when in reality it does neither."


Now we wait to see if OBAMA  will
sell America down the creek!


Article from Ga.Pundit 7/24/15
Todd Rehm



   Ga. Sen. Bill Cowsert (R-46)
   404 651 7738
   Ga. Sen. Burt Jones (R-25) 
   Ga. Senator Burt Jones (R-25th)
   404 656 0082

    Ga. Rept. Bruce Williamson(R-111)
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    Ga. Rept. Tom Kirby (R-107)
    404 656 0177

    U.S.Senator Johnny Isakson 
    Washington 202  224-3643 
    Atlanta (770) 661-0999

    U.S. Senator David Perdue
    Atlanta, 770-763-9090

    U.S. Congressman Dr. Jody Hice
   10th District Congressman

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You Won't Believe How Many Times Islamic Terrorists Attacked the US Since Obama Took Office

The terrorist attack by Abdulazeez marks the seventh terrorist attack on U.S. soil by Muslims during Barack Obama’s presidency. Four more added just this week marking Two dozen people have been killed in the attacks. Scores more have been seriously injured.

In November 2009, Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan opened fire in an attack at Fort Hood in Killeen, Texas. Hassan killed 13 people and wounded over 30 more.

In a document dated Oct. 18, 2012 obtained by Fox News, Hasan wrote: “I, Nidal Malik Hasan, am compelled to renounce any oaths of allegiances that require me to support/defend man made constitution (like the constitution of the United States) over the commandments mandated in Islam.”  Source: The Daily Caller - See more at: http://americanactionnews.com/articles/seven-islamic-terrorist-attacks-in-usa-in-seven-years-for-obama-
- See more at: http://americanactionnews.com/articles/seven-islamic-terrorist-attacks-in-usa-in-seven-years-for-obama




After purposefully not pushing for the release of American hostages as part of the Iran nuclear agreement, the Obama administration is now reduced to hoping that Iran will soon decide on its own to release them.

But according to experts, Iran is highly unlikely to grant the Obama administration's wish in the short-term, and may only do so after building up trust over months or even years.

"There is optimism there — there's a lot of hope that this might provide an opening on not just the prisoner issue but others," Laicie Heeley, a fellow with the Stimson Center who focuses on Iran and nuclear weapons proliferation, told the Washington Examiner. "But there's zero assurance or certainty there that Iran will change its behavior."

Mathew Kroenig, an Iran expert at the Atlantic Council and the author of "A Time to Attack: The Looming Iranian Nuclear Threat," is even more pessimistic about the U.S. hostages' return.  Source: Washington Examiner 

 by Taboola




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