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      We hold these truths to be self evident, that ALL men are created equal and they are
       endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights that among those are
                                           LIFE, LIBERTY and the pursuit of Happiness

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     WCRP Chairman
  Roy Roberts
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Ga. Governor
Nathan Deal


Lt. Governor
Casey Cagle

Next Monday Gov. Deal and Lt Gov. Cagle will be in Monroe at the Monroe Community Center on Church Street at 6:30 PM to speak to us. Gov. Deal has been extremely generous to Walton County bringing in industry, creating jobs and financing the reservoir among other things. 

 It is very important that we have a very big crowd to greet them
Please plan to attend and bring as many people as you can. We need to show our appreciation.

Roy Roberts

We can avoid this!


   Ga. Sen. Bill Cowsert (R-46)
   404 651 7738
   Ga. Sen. Burt Jones (R-25) 
   404 656 0082
    Ga. Rept. Bruce Williamson(R-111)
    404 656.7859

    Ga. Rept. Tom Kirby (R-107)
    404 656 0177

    U.S.Senator Johnny Isakson 
    Washington 202  224-3643 
    Atlanta (770) 661-0999

    U.S.Senator Saxby Chambliss, 
    Atlanta, 770-763-9090

    U.S. Congressman Paul Broun
   10th District Congressman

These are our collective voices that represent our wishes in Washington D.C.  and our State, make sure  they know how you feel, E-mail or call them today, they need to hear from you TODAY and Frequently

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       Walton County  

                     Monthly Meeting 
          On the second Monday
            7:30 pm each month
      Monroe Community Center
              645 Church Street,
                    Monroe Ga.
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(Atlanta, GA) - Following a report by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which estimates 65% of small businesses will experience insurance premium hikes under Obamacare, the Georgia Republican Party issued the following statements:

"February was a terrible month for Obamacare," said Ryan Mahoney, spokesperson for the Georgia Republican Party.  "First, the Congressional Budget Office projects that millions of jobs will disappear from the workforce because of the Affordable Care Act.  Now, the Obama Administration admits that a majority of small businesses will see insurance rates rise thanks to the new healthcare legislation.

"But even with rising premiums, higher taxes, and fewer jobs, Atlanta liberals Jason Carter and Michelle Nunn continue to support President Obama and his failed healthcare legislation.
"Out-of-touch and out-of-control, they live in a liberal wonderland where business is bad, big government is good, and the needs of the people play second fiddle to their radical, left-wing policies. 

"It's abundantly clear that Sen. Jason Carter and Michelle Nunn are more concerned with satisfying their Party than serving the people.  The only jobs they care about are their own."


  Obama's Honesty and Trustworthiness 
Take another Huge Hit

   "If you like your Health Care, You can keep it..... Period!
  " If you like your doctor, You can keep them.....Period!
  "This Healthcare Program will be affordable.......Period!
   How much more can we take from a President who Lies? 
  2014 will mark the beginning of our opportunity to restore the American dream.
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